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You have others' trust if they are convinced that you’ll act consistently with what you say and believe in. It is your integrity. It includes your ability to communicating your ideas, intentions and feelings openly, while welcoming sincerity, directness and honesty in others. It’s a loyalty to your principles, but not necessarily to a person or an organization Loyalty to an individual or a company merely will likely make you popular, but it also contributes to losing trust. 


People who are trustworthy are authentic, honest and predictable. You know exactly where they will come down in tough situation or on principle issues, even if their position would cost them popularity. Trustworthy people confront unethical actions in others and take responsibility for their own behavior. They live by the principle “it’s better to be trusted than to be liked.”


Having trust of others is extremely important for a leader, because trust is at the foundation of any good relationship that lie at the bottom of most successful teams and organizations.


Developing Trust

  1. Write down the principles you feel most strongly about. Examine them and determine if your behavior is consistent with them
  2. Determine which principles you would not compromise on regardless of the circumstances. They will be the principle worth fighting for. When an opportunity presents itself act on them.
  3. Develop strategies for developing key elements of trust – dependability and authenticity



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