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Interview process

In interview process, take the following steps:

  1. Review resumes of each interviewee before the interviews start. It is poor form to read the resumes during the interviews. There is a missed opportunity to tailor the questions to each applicant
  2. Before going to interview, go through the list of the job’s requirement once again. That will help you refresh some of the key questions you may want to ask during the discussion with candidate 
  3. Draft questions before the interview (you can do it along the sides of the candidate’s resume). Make a checklist of what you are looking for and tailor the questions according to these skills and qualities
  4. Select a comfortable environment for both you and the interviewee. There should be no interruptions from co-workers, emails or phone calls
  5. Take notes


Main steps of interview:


  1. Greet and welcome the applicant
  2. Summarize the position
  3. Ask questions
  4. Probe into the applicants strengths and weaknesses
  5. Allow the candidate to ask any questions
  6. Conclude


After the interview, verify the information that the candidate has provided. Check references as this will give you insight as to what the applicant will really be like in the work place:


  1. Academic
  2. Current / former supervisor
  3. Professional network or association
  4. Surf the net – type in the applicants name in and see what search results of information come up



Select the top 2 or 3 candidates for a 2nd or 3rd round of interviews with upper management.


Rank the applicants you have interviewed. In a situation where two applicants that have the same qualifications, go with your intuition.  Which applicant’s personality traits are better suited for the position and the team?


Candidate Care

As an organization evaluates a candidate for a position, the candidate also evaluates the organization. To leave a positive first impression on the applicant, ensure you show courtesy and respect during the entire process – recruitment, application, and interview. Remember that even if you don’t hire that candidate, he will likely share his impressions with others. Timely responses to candidate correspondences will leave a candidate with a favorable impression of the organization.



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