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Being Humble
Being humble is being able to recognize what we do well and what not so well. It is part of our self-awareness. Being humble will help you inspire other people, because humidly will help you show your character behind your accomplishments. People who are humble know how to take pride in what they have done, but rather than use it for self-admiration or vanity, they leverage that to bring people together to do greater things, such as increase sales or improve product or service quality.


Developing Humility

  1. Practice delegation or authority and responsibility to encourage others to make decisions. Have your employees write their own performance objectives and set team goals
  2. Develop talent and promote others
  3. Learn how to give credit to others and make them look good. The ultimate attitude of a humble person is to take accountability for things that didn’t go too well and give credit to another person if something went very well.  Try to act on it when your team is not doing well. Most of the time your team will rally around you because they will want you to succeed

Make sure, however, you do not get overlooked. Put yourself and your ideas forward, prove yourself and establish good reputation. Otherwise, others will not have a reason to believe in you. In other words, you need to find ways to get noticed. A good approach to balancing these objectives is to celebrate team first and yourself second.



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