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Coaching is developing others. It is seeing the development needs of those around you and meeting those needs. As a coach you foster the long-term learning and development of others, offer your feedback on both strengths and weakness and you do it in less formal way than done with teaching or training. Those who do this well spend time with people and know how to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and are able to deliver their message in a motivating and inspiring way.  


Developing Coaching capabilities

  1. Take time to talk to others about their dreams and aspirations, the new things they’d like to try out as well as those they simply want to do better
  2. Learn to recognize weaknesses and deliver your feedback in the most effective way
  3. Watch the movie Good Will Hunting, which describes a story of a person who helped another individual discover and believe and achieve his dreams  
  4. Learn how to build a good and cohesive team. Realize that people don’t change, so don’t dwell on weaknesses. If some of the current team members are creative but disorganized, think about how to balance that by bringing in others, who are more structured.


Be aware that sometimes the most effective way to develop other people is to encourage them to learn the best traits from different people. Mentors are all around us. They could be in “different shapes and sizes,” and could be senior to us or our peer too. Because every person is unique with unique personality and set of capabilities, he or she may best develop by picking the best from different people. The unique mosaic that results from that could fit that person the best. Some of the most successful leaders learned competencies from other leaders in Sales, in Finance, and some in Product and Engineering.



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