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Business networking is ability to develop and maintain relationships. This is about working to build friendly, reciprocal, and warm relationships with people. People who are good at business networking are able to find common ground and build rapport with wide range of people, make close personal friends with acquaintances or classmates, have a wide, informal network of colleagues and nurture relationships related to activities or projects. They are also persuasive and have expertise in building and leading teams.

Their circle of acquaintances tends to be wide, which is a reflection of their belief that nothing important gets done alone. They also know that in these fluid times, it’s the people they are getting to know today who may help tomorrow. They also typically have strong informal networks within an organization. People in such networks often trust each other more, which helps them communicate and execute tasks easier.


Development Business Networking

  1. Participate in social events and join professional associations to build your network and strengthen your relationships
  2. Once you joined an organization, think about its dynamics. Learn how to think in terms of these dynamics rather than about individuals or roles alone. Determine the relationships, people and groups within the organization and how you can leverage these relationships to get support for your ideas
  3. Because your effectiveness in managing relationships is closely related to your ability to understand and control your own emotions and empathize with the feelings of others, practice techniques for increasing self control and empathy.  



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