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Stress Test

Bill Truby - What is stress? (2 min.)
Stress Test

A Self-Assessment
How many of these life events (stressors) have you experienced in the last 12 months? Answer No or Yes for each item. Be honest...your score is not stored anywhere. No Yes
1 Death of a spouse
2 Divorce
3 Marital separation
4 Death of a close family member
5 Death of a close friend
6 Marriage
7 Fired at work
8 Change in family member's health
9 Pregnancy
10 Difficulty in being intimate with those close to you
11 Addition to the family
12 Change in financial status
13 Forclosure of a mortgage or loan
14 Change in work responsibilities
15 Outstanding personal achievement
16 Change in living conditions
17 Change in residence
18 Change in eating habits
19 Vacation
20 Holiday (significant to you)
21 Marital reconciliation
22 Change in number of marital arguments
23 Obtaining significant mortgate or loan
24 Trouble with boss
25 Change in recreational habits
26 Change in social activities
27 Change in sleeping habits
28 Personal injury or illness
29 Son or daughter leaving home
30 Trouble with in-laws
Total =

Note: The items listed above are not intended to be an exhaustive list. The list of "stressors" is representative of the types of stressful experiences one encounters.

Interpretation of score:
Individual experience varies depending on how stressors are perceived and managed

100 or less
The amount of stressors you experience is probably normal and in line with what most people experience in the corse of living life.
101 - 200
This amount of stressors is moderate, however there are enough stressors present to cause you to feel stress.
201 - 300
The amount of stressors in this scoring is extensive and will probably have an affect on your well-being.
301 - 400
The amount of stressors you are experiencing is significant. Without effective stress management techniques health, well-being and perspective may be adversly affected.
400 +
Your amount of stressors is substantial. You may view your stress load as extreme and feel helpless to change anything that is causing the stress. You may begin experiencing signs of burnout.

Typically, when a person experiences an extreme amount of stressors, perspective is skewed, possibilities seem limited, and the person feels hopless and/or helpless. Stress management is needed.
Important: The test above is designed to give you an indication of how many stressors you are experiencing. It is not intended to be a scientific analysis or assessment. Different people react to stress and burnout differently. This information is not designed to diagnose or treat your stress or symptoms of burnout. Consult your medical doctor, counselor or mental health professional if you feel that you need help regarding the handling of stress or dealing with burnout.
What is Stress and how does it lead to Burnout?
The stress you feel results from how you react to the stressors in life that you experience. “Stressors” include life events such as in the list above. Different individuals respond to these stressors differently. That is why there can be different levels of stress experienced by different people in the same situation.

This is a phenomenon unique to the issue of stress. Different people process stress differently. How many stressors a person experiences determines how much stress exists. It does not determine how much stress is experienced. How stress is processed determines how much stress is felt and how close a person is to burnout.

Stress is not burnout – but burnout comes from stress. When a person experiences a set of stressors, if those stressors are not processed in a healthy way the stress experienced is high and builds with each new stressful experience. If a person continues to experience stress and does not process it well, that person is on a path to burnout.

One individual can experience very few stressors, not process the stress well, and the person feels a lot of stress. Another person can experience an enormous amount of stressors, process each in a healthy way, and not feel much stress at all.

Stress management will help you live in peace and happiness even if you experience many stressors.


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