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Planning is developing a set of tasks in support the company’s strategy. Typically, companies perform planning on an annual basis. The leadership team establishes the goals and the managers determine the best way to achieve them, the associated timeline and the resources required to achieve them. These resources would include both headcount and non-headcount.

Hiring is one of the most important managerial functions of any company.  Building the team requires significant effort and expertise, especially the best in class.  When someone new is added to a team, its dynamics change. Think carefully who you want to add.

Once hired, ensure you allow the new team member ramp up his or her knowledge, meet and get acquainted with others on your team and get familiarized with established processes and norms. If necessary, have him or her sign up for employee training, which many companies hold for new employees once a quarter or six months.

Remember, finding the right people to improve your team is extremely important and is a process that never ends.  



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