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Strategy Communication

Strategy communication is an important leadership responsibility. It is a process of aligning the company’s employees, explaining the vision and motivating them to implement it. You have to sell your vision to the company, evangelize it.


Strategy communication is important for several reasons. First, when you communicate a clear sense of direction throughout the organization, the lower-level employees will be able to initiate actions without the same degree of vulnerability. If their behavior is consistent with the company’s vision, their managers will have less reason to reprimand them. Second, because everyone in the company is aiming in the same direction, the conflicts will be minimized helping create congruency.


You will be more effective in communicating strategy if you:

·         Learn how to appeal to the basic human needs, values and emotions

·         Broaden the audience and include your direct staff and their subordinates, your peers and staff in other parts of the company. Often you have to include the outside constituencies including your suppliers, customers and government officials


One of the effective approaches in strategy communication is personalizing the story. If you include the relevant experiences or anecdotes from the past it may help your employees understand why the company is going in a new direction, how it’ll get there and how it will relate to them. It will help you secure your employees’ determination and belief by demonstrating to them that obstacles can be overcome.


Regardless how you deliver your message, however, you have to make sure your employees understand your message and believe in it. What is more, be aware of the fact that just because your employees understand the strategy, they accept it. Your credibility, which is related to your track record, integrity and trust, plays an important role in your ability to gain the employees buy in. Make sure your actions are consistent with what you say..



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