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Assess the Health of Your Corporate Culture
Corporate Culture Assessment

Corporate culture is directly associated with the health of your organization.
How people interact has been linked to profitability, productivity, and success.

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Consider your entire organization as you rank each statement.

1 People work well together
2 Leaders are respected and trusted
3 Morale is high
4 Conflict is rare and easily processed
5 Personality clashes don't exist
6 Leaders support staff and give them what they need to do their job
7 Information flow is complete, timely and relevant
8 Teamwork is prevalent
9 People readily accept each other
10 Accountability and follow through is always present
11 Our level of trust is high
12 Leaders inspire and motivate the team
13 We constantly find ways to grow, both individually and as a team
14 We constantly find new ways to be efficient
15 Team members have a sense of "ownership" of their job
16 "Continuous Improvement" is a way of life
17 People support each other
18 Differences are well tolerated
19 We never repeat mistakes
20 Communication is consistently clear and effective
Total =
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Score: 20 - 30 / Dangerous
Corporate Culture is a drain on your business. You are experiencing severe negative dynamics within your organization. People work harder than necessary to get things done because they are struggling with interaction issues. Productivity and profitability are consistently sabotaged by miscommunication, re-work, and lack of accountability. Leadership is not trusted, teamwork doesn't exist and individuals are out for their own survival and recognition. Leaders and managers are continually putting out fires. Without help your organization is probably not sustainable since so much time, energy and resources are focused on the dysfunction of internal issues.

Score: 31 - 40 / Poor

Corporate Culture is hindering your success. Getting things done is a struggle. There is a lot of wasted time on situations that should be handled more easily. There can be a lot of inefficiency, but it seems hard to get a handle on what is causing that inefficiency. It seems there should be more productivity and profitability but it isn't clear as to how to get that result. Leaders and managers are often weary of having to put so much energy into managing this level of corporate culture. A corporate culture such as this is not typically moving upward and may continue to decline and negatively impact the success of your organization.

Score: 41 - 60 / Fair
Corporate Culture issues take up valuable time. The negative issues seem to be isolated or in pockets of the corporate culture. There are inconsistencies in how people view the company and how leadership functions. People aren't aligned, but they aren't necessarily negative either. Some individuals or departments are efficient enough to make up for the lack of productivity and profitability in others. This kind of corporate culture generates varied perspectives depending on who you are talking to. The lack of alignment tends to weaken potential and lessen the kind of productivity and profitability the organization is capable of.

Score: 61 - 80 / Good
Corporate Culture is fairly healthy, yet there are consistent problems or weak areas that may have existed for years. Things are "good enough" that the organization doesn't spend time addressing continued annoyances or problem areas. This kind of corporate culture contributes to your success, but improvements in a few weak areas would improve that success and make for smoother operations, greater productivity and more profit.

Score: 81 - 100 / Excellent
Corporate Culture is a boost to your business. People like coming to work and leaders are able to function without spending a lot of time putting out fires. This kind of corporate culture creates low turnover, high morale and significant returns of productivity and profitability. Teamwork creates synergy, causing people to truly do more with less. If taken for granted, this corporate culture may start declining over time so continuous improvement efforts are needed to maintain the healthy, positive corporate culture that is apparent to those inside and outside the organization.

Some Symptoms of an Unhealthy Corporate Culture:

Note: Even ONE of these symptoms can have a powerfully negative impact on corporate culture and your organization's success.

  • Blame
  • Repeating the same mistakes
  • Lack of initiative
  • Lack of “ownership” of role or task
  • Low/weak morale
  • Lack of trust
  • Negativity towards leadership, direction or process
  • Passive aggressive behavior
  • Constant complaints
  • Withholding information
  • Carrying baggage

What Can I Do if My Culture Needs Help?

If you have a corporate culture that is problematic, negative or unhealthy, the most important effort is to change how people think - not just what they do. Mandated behavioral changes are rarely helpful. A negative person does not become positive by demanding they become so.

Though there are many opportunities for improvement of your business or organization, there are two key elements to focus on for improvement of corporate culture: Leadership and accountability.

The quality and skill-sets of leadership and management are directly overlayed onto the team members. Nothing trickles up! How your leadership functions is how your team will function. A staff person cannot rise above the perspective, attitude and work ethic of the supervisor.

Accountability reveals the weak areas. Make sure everyone has purpose and context as to WHY they are doing their jobs, then make accountability and follow through a condition of employment. This kind of supportive, yet firm stance, begins to align efforts and reveal the lack of alignment in people, systems, or processes.

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Note: This assessment is not a scientific tool. The content comes from 40 years of working with hundreds of corporate cultures in a variety of industries. We are confident in the fact that the core issues that assess whether an organization has a healthy corporate culture or not are included. Further, this assessment survey applies to any corporate culture in any industry. If there are people working together in any situation they automatically create a "corporate culture." This tool works to assess it.


Corporate Culture
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