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To be successful in business - be it a leadership or a management role, a large corporation or a family run business, fast growing industry or a mature one – you’ll need to develop not only technical or business skills, but also soft skills. You’ll need to know how to work with people, lead and motivate them, develop your team and expand it by hiring the right employees. Mastering skills of time management and knowing how to manage your stress are essential for you to be able to achieve higher goals.


If you are in a leadership position, you are responsible for formulating the company’s strategy and longer-term vision, developing an execution plan to achieve those goals and inspire employees to work hard to get there. Your other responsibilities may include leadership and organizational development, as well as change management. Knowing how to communicate strategy to your employees, leverage your emotional intelligence and adjust your leadership style will make you an even more successful leader.


If you are a manager, your main responsibility would be establishing order and consistency within the company’s operations. Even though management in different industries may have its own specifics (for instance Project Management, Asset Management, Resource Management, Cost Management and Policies Management may require different skill sets to be successful) the aspect of People Management is universal across all of them. Also, from the execution perspective, all of them will have the same phases:

  1. Planning (hiring, assembling a team, training)
  2. Organizing (motivating employees, providing the right incentives)
  3. Directing (managing teamwork, internal collaboration, effective decision making and conflicts)
  4. Monitoring  (performance evaluation and rewording), and
  5. Improving (employee development, employee retention, team building) 

Improving the skills required to manage each of them will help you become a better contributor to the company and put you on track to career advancement.

Leadership and management are two important and complimentary functions of any organization. Successful companies effectively combine both.