The Door

The Door

A set of powerful, do-it-yourself leadership development audible downloads that help grow your business


Bill & Joann Truby


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Format: Four CD's


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Audio Length: ~ 5 hours in manageble sections/tracks


Product Description:


Learn how to unleash the power of 5 natural laws to open the door to your heart's desire.

Entertaining, engaging, informative and captivating. Listening to these CD's is like "watching" an audio movie/presentation.

The world works. Everything your heart desires is ready and waiting. The Five Natural Laws of Achievement are all you need to open the DOOR.

Individuals and organizations inevitably encounter "doors" at turning points in their lives. Whether those doors serve as opportunities or barriers depends entirely on how we respond when one appears in our path.

Whether your goal is happiness, wealth, peace, confidence, security, better relationships, or all of the above...there is one simple thing that you must be ready to do. You must open that door and walk confidently though it.

Our five natural laws of achievement have given people the power to open personal, professional and organizational doors for more than 20 years.


About The Author:


Bill Truby, M.A. MFCC has a Master's Degree in Psychology and more than 30 years experience teaching personal, interpersonal and organizational success strategies such as effective relationship development, goal setting, team building, strategic planning and management transition. He is the author of "The Door" and developer of the "Five Natural Laws of Achievement."

Bill is a popular speaker and workshop leader for many organizations and associations. He has worked extensively throughout the United States as well as Australia, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Joann Truby is an experienced consultant, speaker, author, trainer, facilitator, and leadership coach. She has personally assisted scores of individuals and organizations to achieve their personal and professional goals. Her background and training have provided her with unique expertise in wellness, stress management, and time management. Joann's areas of special interest also include personal and group communication, leadership, conflict management and teamwork.


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