Successful Delegation

Successful Delegation

The hassle-free way to get other people to work for everyone`s benefit


By Bill and Joann Truby


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“Forget it! I'm not about to pass responsibility for this project to someone else when I know it will not be done right." Have you ever said or thought this? Many busy and accomplished people have given up on delegating for that very reason. Yet, there are heavy costs to you when you try to do it all yourself. It often reduces your effectiveness at work, impacts your relationships in your family, and harms your health and psychological well-being. Delegation does not have to be the trap most people think it is. The Successful Delegation System, a tested process taught at the Truby Achievement Center for many years, will help you free up your time for more impactful priorities in your life. Some of the book’s insights include tips on how to:

Implement a "Delegation Flow Chart" that covers most important issues you would face in the process of delegating

Use delegation to leverage your time and effort manifold

Increase trust among your colleagues

Improve you team dynamics

Increase your bottom line


About The Author:


Bill and Joann Truby are professional consultants, keynote speakers and authors of numerous books and seminars on professional growth and personal achievement. Bill Truby has developed a framework of Five Laws of Achievement, which are now at the foundation of many successful systems and frameworks effectively used by Truby Achievements in professional and personal training.


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